Agua de Colonia is a collection of fragrances that expresses the beauty of Portugal’s magical landscapes, from the pine forests of Comporta to citrus groves by the Douro river.

Agua Geranium takes us to an exotic garden in the heart of Lisbon. 
The contemporary twist of geranium in an easy-to-tote, elegant travel size spray. Made for those on-the-go and perfect for a fragrant touch-up.

This collection of Claus Porto fragrances tells the story of a journey through the aromatic landscapes of Portugal, scented by pine forests touched by the sea breeze, orange and lemon notes, granite cities, tropical gardens and sun-burned fields. It is also a time travel journey that explores 130 years of the brand history as a prestigious fragrance house.

The Agua de Colonia Collection was created by perfumer Lyn Harris after a trip through Portugal in search of scents that would capture the beauty of this country.